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Email,  Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram and other
social media channels are all avenues you are allowed to use to be successful.

You even have access to our “ready made” adds,
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Scan Codes

You may also let your contacts know about the
Click Photography Course offer
by allowing a scan your unique QR discount code…
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Your unique QR Code…. just one of the many great tools you will be able to access on your Advocate Dashboard


You may also publish a copy of your QR discount Code on social media.

When scanned by your contacts it will take them direct to the Click Photography Course
website where their visits and membership purchase
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As an official VIP Affiliate of Click Photography Course,
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The Click Photography Course Affiliate program
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We’re here to ensure your success

When you are accepted as an affiliate, we are
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You”ll receive unlimited support and be
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Your Affiliate dashboard also provides you with 24/7 access
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Your affiliate dashboard includes
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will be your control panel


A dedicated Help Desk for you to ask questions or request assistance.

Access to live data and reports so you can easily keep track
of how many referrals you have made, how many memberships
have been purchased, and importantly how much you will be paid.

Access to exclusive and trackable internet and voucher codes
to pass on to your contacts.These codes also contain
unique website addresses that can be included in emails,
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The use of these codes also lets us know when sales are
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Discount Vouchers that provide your contacts
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You will also discover that your dashboard provides
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Even more rewards await you!

For you, we know as well as helping others to improve
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To thank you for your ongoing success, you will also
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There are 3 Tiers that give go the opportunity to
receive up to 50% of all sales generated by your activity.

Complete your details on the form below now
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Click Photography Course
is for all photography enthusiasts….

Remember, the Click Photography Course is suitable for
total beginners through to intermediate
and it doesn’t
matter if members just wish to make a massive improvement
to their phone photography or they wish to master an expensive DSLR.

Budding photography enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy taking
better photos by being a participant in one Click Online Photography Course .



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