An Invitation to Photography Influencers


Have you heard of Photography Masterclass?

Do you have a large number of followers who would potentially be interested in attending a beginner’s Photography Masterclass to improve their photography skills?

If so, read on:

Photography Masterclass is a 4 hour Introductory Masterclass, that provides unique, fun, informative photography learning workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Attendees discover all there is to know about settings and how to control lighting, composition, expression and gain foolproof skills to provide knowledge and confidence to produce awesome photos.

Classes are conducted under the tuition of one of Australia’s leading photographers and in a way that is incredibly easy to understand!

This highly successful and very popular photography learning experience is suitable for beginners to more advanced enthusiasts and has attracted over a massive 15,000 attendees to date!

As a result of this success, Photography Masterclass is expanding and currently presents an exciting opportunity for experienced social media influencers to benefit  from our popularity and ongoing success. To discover more about the Photography Masterclass events visit our main website HERE


Your influencer opportunity:

We all know the power of  “Word of Mouth” and Social Media and that’s why we are seeking social media experts to partner with us in helping more photography enthusiasts discover how to get the very most from their camera whether it be a smartphone or an expensive DSLR

So do you have what it takes and the photography biased followers to partner with us in spreading the word by becoming an official Photography Masterclass “VIP Advocate” ?


Here’s our proposal
and how you can
Benefit and Get Paid
simply by spreading the word
about upcoming
Photography Masterclass events


Applications are open to successful influencers in the amateur photography niche…. It’s FREE to apply and all you need to do is complete the form below.


How many photography followers do you have that would love an opportunity to learn and improve their skills direct from one of Australia most experienced photography educators.

This program will provide you with many, easy to implement tools and ready made ads and a ton of support to help you make a success out of our association and of course convert this opportunity into a real money making venture.

Benefit by providing ways for people to attend a Photography Masterclass to improve their photography skills at discounted prices!

A true “Win Win” opportunity!

Your Benefits:


The best part about being an official VIP Advocate is that we will pay you a minimum of $34.50 for every Photography Masterclass ticket purchased as a result of your successful referral.

There are no limits to how much you can earn or the number of tickets that can be made available to you via uniquely coded coupons, ads, QR Codes, internet links and landing pages.

Importantly, when you successfully apply to be a VIP Photography Masterclass Advocate you will obtain access to your Private VIP Advocate Dashboard. Here’s  where you will be able to track 24/7 all of your success stats, earnings, traffic, commission made and payments due.


Your Advocate dashboard
will provide you with 24/7 access
to all the success tools you need...

  • A dedicated Help Desk for questions or assistance requests.

  • Access to live data and reports so you can easily keep track of how many referrals you have made, how many tickets have been purchased, and importantly how much you will be paid.

  • Access to exclusive and trackable links, ads, vouchers and QR codes to pass on to your followers.

    You will get paid each month your 50% commission for every single ticket sale that is generated from your activities.


At Photography Masterclass, we are committed to helping you maximise your success with our partnership.

You will receive unlimited support and be provided with all the tools you need to make helping your followers take better photos as easy as possible.


Please hurry….

There are only a very limited number of VIP Advocate places that we can accept in this lucrative partnership program and applications will close in a matter of days.

So, if you feel that you have what it takes and enough dedicated followers to ensure a successful campaign, apply now.

Complete your details on the form below and you could be on your way to helping others enjoy the rewards of being a better photographer whilst enjoying an ongoing income stream.



Photography Masterclass
is for all photography enthusiasts….

Remember, the Photography Masterclass is suitable for total beginners through to intermediate and it doesn’t matter if attendees just want to make a massive improvement to their phone photography or they wish to master an expensive DSLR.

Budding photography enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy taking better photos by being a part of the next Photography Masterclass.

New, class dates just released….

There’s new class just released with many more dates on standby.

So plenty of opportunity to get your followers involved and reserving their place at one of the many classes throughout Australia.

To see a list of upcoming Photography Masterclass dates..



We look forward to welcoming you onboard
as a valued VIP Advocate