LONDON – 4 Hr Introductory Photography Masterclass – COMING SOON




Limited Places Available!


Your Success Path to
Becoming a Great Photographer

The 4 Hour Introductory Masterclass
with one of Australia’s leading photographers

Are you ready to start taking better photos?



Are you are confused about all those camera settings?
Do you feel that you are taking too many shots to jag a good one ?
Are you spending too much time editing or deleting your photos ?
Do you simply want to learn how to easily create photographs with “WOW” factor?

If this sounds like you, 
the NEW 4 Hour Introductory Masterclass is definitely for you…

Class Highlights:

  • A Four-hour, fun and information packed photography presentation you’ll get to meet and learn direct from one of Australia’s leading photographers.
  •  You’ll learn the secrets to taking great photos and ways to instantly improve your skills as you come to easily understand that it’s not about your equipment….but the way you use it!
  • You’ll find out all there is to know about your camera settings, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and more to achieve the perfect exposure every time you take a photo.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the experts about your camera and see how to change it’s settings to achieve the optimum results.
  • Feel the excitement as you discover different lighting techniques and how you can control light to achieve dramatic effects and enhance the mood and feel in your photos.
  • Discover a wealth of helpful tips and insider information on how to master artistic composition to create excitingly dynamic photos with impact .
  • Find out how to photograph people so that your shots don’t look posed ·
  • Take home ideas that you can put into action immediately and techniques that could change the way you take photos forever.
  • You’ll even discover ways you could to turn your photography into a real money making opportunities.
  • All information is presented in a, easy to understand,  fun and entertaining format with no confusing technical jargon.


* Suitable for all ages 11 Yrs +
* Recommended for total beginners and amateurs alike.
* Applicable to all camera types from Smartphone, Point and Shoot to DSLR
* Camera equipment is not essential.