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How would you like WIN BACK the price
of your Photography Masterclass Ticket?

Here’s how you can get back the money you paid for your ticket plus a whole lot more !

We often find people who attend our classes will also know others who share enthusiasm and interest in being able to get the most from their camera and take better photos.   As such, your contacts may also be very keen to also attend a Masterclass (either with you or on a different date).

Now, to be totally honest, we know you’d understand that word of mouth and referrals are our very best form of advertising and promotion.

So, as a result, we are going to be upfront and ask you: “Do you know any photography lovers in your group of friends or social networks who would also enjoy learning easy, proven ways to becoming a better photographer?

Do you think any of these people would like the chance to attend a Photography Masterclass at a very special price?  A special reduced rate available only through you!

The reason for us asking,  is when you successfully recommend anyone who subsequently books a Masterclass as a result of your recommendation, they will be entitled to receive entry to any future class at a specially discounted price (mates rates).

The best part is that to thank you for your referral, you will then also be rewarded with a generous payment equivalent of up to 50% of their special ticket price!

So it’s a real WIN -WIN ….. How does it get any better than that?


So, tickets for our next class dates are selling fast and we would love you to jump on board as a Photography Masterclass Advocate and pay you for helping us to spread the word.

You’ll probably earn more than you paid for your ticket but that’s ok!

Read on for all the details:



Introducing the
Photography Masterclass
VIP Advocate Program

Here’s the simple steps you need,
how it works and, importantly, how you will get paid by letting others know about 
Photography Masterclass:


Apply to be an official Photography Masterclass
“VIP Advocate”. It’s easy!

Applications are open to anyone who has attended or is about to attend a Photography Masterclass and is as simple as completing a few details so as we know where to send your commissions.

Normally, there’s $100 fee to become an Advocate, however, when you apply now, the fee is waived.

So, it’s FREE for you to join today.

Step 1 is to complete your application form below.


Spread the word and offer an exclusive discount on ticket prices

Once your application is approved, there will be many ways you can let friends, family and others know about a special priced Photography Masterclass offer.


Social Media

Email,  Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram and other social media channels are all avenues you are allowed to use to be successful.

You even have access to our “ready made” adds, artwork and promotional videos on your own channels, pages, websites and blogs?


Scan Codes

You may also simply let your contacts know about the Photography Masterclass offer, when you catch up personally, by allowing them to scan your unique QR discount code… (keep this handy on your phone).

Your unique QR Code…. just one of the many great tools you will be able to access on your Advocate Dashboard

You may also publish a copy of your QR discount Code on social media.

When scanned by your contacts it will take them direct to the Photography Masterclass on=line ticket office where their visits and ticket purchase will be automatically tracked in the background.

Yes, when you are become an official VIP Advocate of Photography Masterclass, you’ll have special authority to help your contacts enjoy the benefits of attending a Photography Masterclass at an exclusively discounted price.

Your generosity and thoughtfulness is sure to be appreciated as the savings you offer will be extremely attractive.

Joining the Photography Masterclass VIP Advocate program will certainly provide you with many opportunities to generate extra income.

Should you wish, you may undertake this opportunity as a means of generating regular income as there is no limit to the number of contacts you may invite. This is particularly an outstanding opportunity if you are experienced in Internet marketing.



We’re here to ensure your success

When you are accepted as a VIP Advocate of Photography Masterclass, we are committed to helping you maximise your success.

You”ll receive unlimited support and be provided with all the tools you need for success in helping people take better photos.

Your Advocate dashboard also provides you with 24/7 access to up-to-date reports so you can measure your success.


Here’s some of the helpful tools you’ll be able to access via your private VIP Advocate dashboard:


  • A dedicated Help Desk for you to ask questions or request assistance.

  • Access to live data and reports so you can easily keep track of how many referrals you have made, how many tickets have been purchased, and importantly how much you will be paid.

  • Access to exclusive and trackable internet and voucher codes to pass on to your contacts.These codes also contain unique website addresses that can be included in emails, social media or website promotions.The use of these codes also lets us know when ticket sales are generated from your referral.This guarantees you get paid your commission for every single ticket sale that is generated from your activities.

  • Discount Vouchers that provide your contacts with their special access to a Photography Masterclass at special discount pricing.

  • You will also discover that your dashboard provides you with an array of professional, pre coded, ready made Ads, Banners and Logos for you to easily use in conjunction with posts and shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.


Even more rewards await you!

For you, we know as well as helping others to improve their photography, your rewards will be important! 

To thank you for your ongoing success, you will also receive status upgrades and even higher payments.



You start out at the SILVER level, but when you obtain a total of only 5 successful referrals, your membership will be upgraded to: GOLD VIP ADVOCATE STATUS!

This means your benefits will now increase.

Your commissions on all further ticket sales will increase to an exciting 40%.
This increase percentage will apply to all future ticket sales you’ve referred, so you’ll now receive $27.50 each!



The next level you’ll achieve is reached when only a total of 10 tickets are purchased on your account!

Here your level is immediately upgraded to our top VIP ADVOCATE PLATINUM STATUS.

When you attain Platinum, your ongoing commissions skyrocket to a fabulous 50%.

Yes, you will receive 50% of all future tickets purchased via your referral links

You will then only require 10 successful referrals to be paid $345!

It is possible to achieve this every month…. then you would receive over $4,000 extra per year!

Wouldn’t that be great?


Now, you will have to act quickly….

There are only a very limited number of VIP Advocate places available
and applications will close in a matter of days.

So, please make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity and join us as a VIP Advocate right now so you can start right away.

Does all this sound good?

Well, it’s easy to apply……

Complete your details on the form below now and you’ll be on your way to helping others enjoy the rewards of better photography and making a few extra dollars as our thank you for your valued support and participation.

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Secure Your Place
as a Valued Member of the
Photography Masterclass VIP Advocate team

(applications close soon)